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R.A.G.E.T.I.M.E. stands for Reform and Amend General Education to Teach and Integrate Minority Experiences.


We are a grassroots organizations and a collective of current students and alumni who have a passion for equality and justice, which we want to bring to the classroom! RAGETIME's mission is to spark lasting change now through integrating minority experiences and centering Black, LGBTQIA+, women, immigrant, disabled, and indigenous voices in all curriculums. We aim to help cultivate informed and well-rounded students by promoting growth within the classroom through diversity and anti-bias training for all teachers, coaches and staff, and by ensuring all students are taught an accurate, anti-racist history so they are able to develop a further understanding of their own ancestries.

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About Us

We believe all students deserve an unbiased, equal and well-rounded education, regardless of gender, race, ability, belief system, social or economic status.

Our Mission

We envision education for every student in which Black history and the contributions of other minority communities are integrated into the standard curriculum for all subjects, and students are afforded an intellectual, safe learning space where they are taught that anyone can invoke change. 


Our Plan

Students, teachers, and community organizers must join together to encourage inclusive growth as a school district, county, and country. We aim to reform and amend general education by accomplishing the following:


1) Develop and maintain a relationship with the local Board of Education, Superintendent, Principals, and department heads to ensure multilevel growth.


2) Support teachers and staff as they develop kind, informed, and unbiased spaces where students can engage in difficult  conversations.


3) Provide resources to the greater community in order to encourage dialogue and action around equal opportunity and education for all.

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We Provide Resources for the Entire Community!

Meet Our Team

Come and get to know the team that will fight for racial equity in and out of the classroom. 

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