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R.A.G.E.T.I.M.E. joined El Pueblo Unido and New Era Young Lords in a Mutual Aid Drive for the holiday season of 2020.


To achieve our goal to reform and amend general education, we believe in supporting our surrounding communities and providing resources on every level. Part of this initiative was to come together and collect groceries, winter clothes, holiday gifts and emergency funds. These donations were then reallocated to 3 cities in Connecticut through non-profits and community organizations.

There was such an influx of donations that El Pueblo Unido was also able to give coats to the day laborers in Stamford, CT. 


El Pueblo UnidoNew Era Young Lords

Non-Profits and Community Organizations:

Green Village Initiative | The Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants

Bridgeport Branch of the Democratic Socialists of America

Photos curtesy of El Pueblo Unido

All organizations and non-profits are hyperlinked

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—  Darien High School Alum

"I support R.A.G.E.T.I.M.E because I feel like the majority of students viewpoints and biases of the world and of society around them are formed during their times as a student. By teaching students about the struggles that BIPOC’s have had to face during history and in current times, students should feel obligated to become antiracist."


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The Letter to the Board of Education

July 20th, 2020

Dear Darien Board of Education, DPS Administrators, Teachers, and Staff,


The recent protests nationwide are a testament to how Black people and other minority communities have been marginalized and oppressed for centuries. In order to contribute to this movement and take actionable steps towards change in Darien, we join DHS Class of 2015 students, Kyla Johns and Allegra Molkenthin, who founded R.A.G.E.T.I.M.E. (Reform and Amend General Education to Teach and Integrate Minority Experiences) in early July 2020 to address how we can make improvements to better serve students in our own school system. We ask that Darien Public Schools (DPS), the Board of Education, and the town of Darien show their commitment to standing against racism and discrimination in all its forms.


As stated in the educational philosophy statement online, DPS aims to “work cooperatively with families and the community to provide for its students a safe, supportive, respectful, and intellectually challenging learning environment...” We truly believe that large-scale change starts with education, and DPS needs to take on the responsibility of actively fighting against racism in our schools and community through an inclusive, diverse curriculum. We aim to ensure that all students, especially BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), Latinx, disabled, and LGBTQ+ students, are provided equal access to safe learning spaces and truthful education. 


RAGETIME’s platform (also, see below) emphasizes a) amending curriculum to include BIPOC history and culture at all levels, elementary through high school, and in all subjects (for example, this includes adding books by Black women and indigenous leaders to book lists and teaching history that has been historically left out of curriculum), b) requiring annual anti-bias, diversity training for all staff, teachers, and coaches, c) providing age-appropriate resources to further education outside the classroom (from books in the school libraries to mental health resources and awareness), and d) developing and maintaining relationships with teachers, administrators, and the local Board of Education to ensure accountability. 


A team of RAGETIME volunteers is in the midst of compiling resources, from training information to subject-specific curriculum and book lists, to be able to provide some direction for this change. For just a few examples: this is a resource from Chicago Public Schools focused on helping teachers hold discussions about race and civil disobedience, follow this link for more information on global Black history:, and click here for anti-racism resources that are great for everyone, but specifically geared toward art teachers. 


As events in our community, such as Darien Library’s “Waking up White: A Conversation on Bias, Privilege, and Racism” and the YWCA Darien/Norwalk community conversation for parents, “Current State of Affairs: Institutional Racism & Real Talk”, have already shown, racism, bias, and diversity are topics we must address as a community. This discussion and engagement must extend to our schools, where children and young adults form their own identities, perspectives, and knowledge of the world. The time for change is now, and we ask that the Board of Education respond to and engage in discussion about the contents of this letter before or during the July 28th, 2020 Board of Education meeting. 

Our Initiatives

July 20th, 2020

Our Mission Statement and Platform: 


RAGETIME envisions education for every student in which Black history and the contributions of other minority communities are integrated into the standard curriculum for all subjects, and students are afforded an intellectual, safe learning space where they are taught that anyone can invoke change. 


RAGETIME's mission is to spark lasting change now by integrating minority experiences and centering Black, LGBTQIA+, female, immigrant, disabled, and BIPOC voices in all curriculums. We aim to help cultivate informed and well-rounded students by promoting growth within the classroom through diversity and anti-bias training for all teachers, coaches and staff, and by ensuring all students are taught an accurate, anti-racist history so they are able to develop a further understanding of their own ancestries. 


Students, teachers, and community organizers must join together to encourage inclusive growth as a school district, county, and country. We aim to reform and amend general education by accomplishing the following: 1) develop and maintain a relationship with the local Board of Education, Superintendent, Principals, and Department heads to ensure multilevel growth, 2) support teachers and staff as they develop kind, informed, and unbiased spaces where students can engage in difficult  conversations, 3) provide resources to the greater community in order to encourage dialogue and action around equal opportunity and education for all.

  1. Amend all standard curriculum to include Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) history and culture.  


One of the most important ways to confront systemic racism is to teach accurate history by avoiding white-washed narratives and emphasizing the importance of giving students perspective beyond their personal experiences. From elementary school through high school, all DPS students must learn inclusive history, learn about diverse artists, historians, activists, and scientists, and see people that look like them in the curriculum and in the classroom. 


  1. Require annual diversity, anti-racist, and anti-bias training for all staff and teachers, including coaches. 


Anyone who interacts with DPS students in an official capacity must attend annual training to learn how to discuss race, gender, sexuality, class, and other axes of difference. Like many community organizations that are hosting discussions, seminars, or series about race, our teachers, staff, and coaches must also be able to access these materials and further their own understandings of bias, white privilege, and systemic racism and, especially, how it operates in our schools. 


  1. Provide age-appropriate resources to further education outside the classroom.  


Students of all ages must have access to resources that help them learn and feel safe and supported. Outside of the classroom, students need access to diverse, educational readings and online resources, whether through the school library or website. Guidance counselors and teachers must also be able to direct students toward appropriate and helpful mental health support resources, especially materials designed for students of color or other minorities. 


  1.  Develop and sustain methods to ensure the Board of Education, administrators, teachers, and staff are held accountable.


In order to commit to change, we must collaborate with the Board of Ed. and other local leaders to develop methods that ensure that members of our DPS community continue to stand against racism and discrimination in all of its forms and institute the changes mentioned above. This may include collaborating with the Darien Education Association, the Parent Teacher Association, students at DHS, or the Board of Education, among other groups.

Community Signatures

July 20th, 2020

Kyla Johns, DHS ‘15

Allegra Molkenthin, DHS ‘15

Amanda Sload, DHS ‘15

Christina Molkenthin, DHS ‘17

Katy Murphy, ‘15

Jeffrey Sload, DHS ‘13

Leo Gallagher

Tammy Nguyen; DHS ‘22

Harley Kirchhoff, ‘16

Julianna Lee, DHS ‘15

Drew Hardin, DHS ‘15


Brooke Laird, DHS '18

Carson Stewart, DHS ‘16

Paul Hager, DHS ‘18

Abigail Cragin, DHS ‘18

Amy Torchiana

Tatianna Concannon, DHS ‘16

Emilio Rivero, DHS ‘16

Rosie Armstrong, DHS ‘15

Jessica De Rocco, DHS ‘15

Abiha Jafri, DHS '15

Colleen Brereton, DHS ‘18

Jordan Moore, HHS '19

Jackie Winsch, DHS ‘13

Martha Wright DHS ‘17

julia canora ‘17

Reid Walters, Northwestern Class of 2019

Madison Corman DHS ‘17 

Patrick Kunetz, DHS '15

Bridget Hannigan DHS 2015

Allison Molkenthin

Charlotte Byrne, DHS ‘16

Valerie Le, DHS '17

Kyra Balenzano, DHS ‘17

Julia Russo, DHS ‘15

Alex Glynn DHS ‘17

Felicia knise DHS ‘12

Izzy Coughlin, DHS ’17

Nancy Coughlin, parent of 4 DPS students 

Catherine Vogt, DHS ‘20

cooper murray dhs '17

Catriona McIntyre/ DHS ‘17


Amy Wade

Katherine Lane, DHS ‘20

Olivia Lew, DHS ‘17

Chris Janson, DHS '12

Elisha Converse, DHS '12

Erika Gill, DHS ‘15

Isabella Howe/DHS/'17

Miharu Gill

Christian Kanlian DHS '15

Willow Buscemi

Lexi Punishill, DHS ‘20

Samantha Millette DHS ‘16

Maggie Haddad, DHS ‘15

Corinne Taney, DHS ‘15

Kitty Crosby / DHS ‘17 /

NC, DHS ‘19

Evelyn Sload, DHS ‘19

Claire O'Leary, DHS '16

Jack Saucedo, DHS '23

Cavan Duffy, DHS ‘21

Sofia Imbimbo, DHD ‘15

Isabel Duncan, DHS '12

Justine Stewart, MSW (Mother of 5 Current/Past DHS Students)

Patricia Cage, parent

Bradley Cage, DHS ‘13

Mary Vernal, Parent DHS ‘18 & 21, DPS Student1975-1980

Carolyn Brook, Parent of DHS Grads '11, '14 and '17

K Finnegan

Heather Pfeifle

Abigail Hornstein

Emma Janson, DHS 15

Elena Cage, DHS ‘15

Alison Greene, DHS ‘16

Becky Culp

Daniel Traver,  DHS 2015

Danielle McIntosh, DHS ‘15

Helen Watson, DHS '15

Anonymous, DHS’18

Charlotte Ruhe, student of Middlesex Middle School 2018-2019. 

Julia Fullington DHS22

Siobhan Ekeh

Rebecca Schaffer, DHS ‘15

Ashley L

Jace Ijeh

Kate Sloan, DHS ‘21

Olivia Bates, DHS ‘15

Jennifer O’Neill DHS ‘13

Caroline Congdon, DHS ‘13

Mitchell DiPanni ‘14 (New Canaan HS)

Andrew Eddie DHS ‘13

Margaret Domont, Parent in Darien

Carol Cheswick

Naomi Cunningham (Youth Dir. at Saint Luke's)

Morgan Spar DHS ‘15

Cara Tracey, DHS ‘18

Liam Naughton, DHS ‘13

Tatianna Concannon, DHS ‘16

Cecilia Dondorful-Amos, SHA ‘21

Hillary conciatori/2013

Emma Love, DHS ‘18

Concerned individual from Georgia

Alison McGarey, DHS ‘13

Hassana Arbubakrr, DHS’20

Patricia Gourlay

Izzy Scribano DHS ‘15

Wen Cong Toh, DHS ‘13

Kyra Conciatori, DHS ‘13

Alexander Zanin DH 20

Nick Vilter, DHS 2013

JP Documet, DHS '17

Aidan Bowman DHS ‘2015

Jocelyn Mendez, DHS '14

Jimmy Documet DHS '13

Emily Findlan DHS’18

Octavia Molkenthin, DHS ‘20

Nicolette Ford Thompson DHS '15

Brian Seely, DHS ‘23

Molly Lamdin, DHS '02

Madison Maier, DHS ‘15

Merlyn Tejada, DHS’15

Katherine Eberly Spellane

Christy Conley, DHS ‘15

Michelle Flaherty De Rocco, DHS '84

Lana Schmidt DHS ‘20

Tiara Vera DHS’2014

Cameron Magida DHS’13

Elizabeth Garijo-Garde, DHS ‘19

Hannah Jaeger, mother to future DPS students

Teresa Du, DHS '17

Brielle Racanelli, DHS '18

Wynn Hollis, DHS ‘15

David Watson, DHS ‘11

Ryan Fleenor

Lionel Louis

Emma Neumann, DHS ‘19

Kristina Lew, DHS ‘12

Emily Armstrong, DHS ‘13

Soyoung Lee, DHS ‘12

Natalie Metz, DHS ‘12

Kshama Parekh

Lucy Armstrong, DHS ‘17

Kelley Olivia, DHS ‘15

Kylie Morgan DHS ‘18

Spencer McKeough, DHS '14

Elizabeth Benitez DHS ‘12

Emily Neuner, DHS ‘18

Catie Bartone DHS 2012

Cara Martin

Caroline Crosby, DHS ‘16

Emma Bartone, DHS ‘16

Julia O’Brien, DHS ‘18

Emma Hagey, DHS ‘15

Hedi O’Connor, Parent

Ella Mead, DHS ‘18

Abby Mitchell/ dhs 2015

Sandhya Avula, DHS 2014

Kimberly Servas

Sally Houlihan, Junior Warden Saint Luke's Darien

Libby Markham, DHS ‘19

Jack Garfield DHS 2015

Nina Rodriguez, DHS ‘19

Kara O’Rourke, DHS ‘18

Elle Mitrano DHS ‘20

Emma Greco ‘20

Kyra Gardner, DHS ‘14

Daniel Tohmatsu Redlinger

Madeline Bustos

Monet Takeda DHS ‘16

Emma Bell

Saad Mustafa, DHS ‘15

Claudia Rodriguez

Lindsay Hurty

Roberto MMS 2015

Grace Drugge, DHS ‘18

Claire Billeter DHS 15

Erin Karczewski, DHS ‘16

Kevin a Steinthal, DHS ‘12

Sophia Condon DHS ‘23

Alice Wang, DHS '12

Jeremy Cage

Victoria Klarer DHS ‘18

Brittany Tiano, DHS '13

Abby Knott

Anika Satish, DHS ‘20

Grace Carlo, DHS ‘20

Elizabeth Kim, DHS '21

Olivia Maniscalco, DHS ‘20

Charlotte Domittner DHS ‘20

Juliette Kiernan DHS 2020

Skylar Ford, DHS ‘20

Henry Darby DHS’20

Robin Ackerman

Larissa Daruge

Katie Condren, DHS ‘15

Caroline Palmer DHS ‘15

Kajsa Lundeen DHS ‘15

Madeleine Schneider, DHS '15

Derek Stefanovsky, Assistant Rector, Saint Luke's Parish

Caroline O'Brien, DHS '16

Emily Nixon, DHS 15

Caitlin Chan, Bates '24

Caitlin Keady DHS '14

Tuesday Tamburri, Resident

Celia Burke, DHS ‘23

CC ‘23

Rebecca Woodfork, Parent

Hannah Bang DHS ‘23

Michelle Lee, Darien resident

Page Berger

Mother of DHS ‘22 and DHS ‘25

Jessica Stygares

Diane Urban/mom to current and future DPS students

Sonia Gandhi, DHS ‘15

Mother of DHS ‘22 and DHS ‘25

Annie Hughes, Parent to Tokeneke Elementary School Students

Sarah Lubeley

Reed Barthold, DHS 2014 

Ella Moore DHS ‘16, resident

Lindsey Hopkins, EHHS '16 (East Hampton, CT)

Julianna Han/DHS ‘22/ student

Kylie Maier, DHS ‘13

Matt Reynolds, DHS '22

Eleanor Kelley DHS ‘16

Jess K

Angelica Cortez, DHS '13

Jacob Timchak

Nicole Caputo, DHS ‘16 

Mirellise Vazquez, DPS Parent

Ashley Mailhot, DHS ‘15

Lee Thalhamer, DHS ‘15

Georgina Gross

Laine Blümmer, DHS ‘16

Steven Kreuch DHS ‘16

Lindsey Holek, DHS ‘15

Jocelyn Phung

Megan Baird DHS’ 15

Lorraine Rinaldi

Christine Leventhal DHS ‘69 & teacher

Meredith Wilson, Sacred Heart Greenwich ‘19

Lauren Golden - teacher DHS

Madchen Carrier, DHS ‘21

Kate Halabi, DHS '15

Carson Halabi DHS '18

Tomas Rodriguez-Barberet, DHS ‘15

Nicole Harder

Ryann McCabe

Kayla Yandoli (Greenwich, CT)

Camilla Lash, DHS’23

Stephanie Miranda, DHS Teacher

Rebecca DeMaio, DHS ‘15

Leah Kennedy

Molly Weinstock DHS ‘16

Nora Markham DHS '16

William Klein, 2006

Stephanie Hilton DHS ‘16

Sophie Curtis 2023

Jen Ladd - teacher


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