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Meet Our Team

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We are a diverse female and LGBTQIA+ led grassroots organization, comprised of passionate individuals who demand to see actionable change in our community when it comes to racial inequalities and educational injustices. Our backgrounds in social justice reform vary from social media work, protest organization and community leadership, but we have one common goal: to achieve an accurate, anti-racist education for students of all ages and all backgrounds. Our common core values and passion are the defining features that make like-minded people say, "it's time to R.A.G.E.!"


R.A.G.E. | Reform and Amend General Education


Kyla | President

Co-founder, Community Outreach

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 


Kyla Johns was a 2015 graduate of Darien High School and is passionate about helping uplift the voices of Black and Indigenous communities in every space.


While attending Darien High School, Kyla was a member of the Field Hockey team, the Black Student Union, the Gay-Straight Alliance, the Best Buddies Club and was an avid artist. She attended The Ohio State University, where she studied Psychology and Education before finding her calling to push for education reform in the school systems. She began by organizing and leading protests in CT and NY for Black Lives Matter and to end police brutality, followed by creating and teaching an activism program through the non-profit organization LiveGirl, called So You Want To Be An Activist?  Through this program, she hopes to light the fire in future agents of change and promote a lifestyle fighting for equity and the inclusion of marginalized groups. In 2020, LiveGirl presented her with the Mentor Impact Award for her work teaching this program. Kyla also continues her activism work through holding educational events, such as for mental health awareness, art showcases, and continuing to lead protests against racial injustices. Through her poetry, spoken word, and art, she has merged her creativity with her activism work and has performed throughout the tri-state area.


Kyla strives to help every person find their voice and confidence through art, yoga, meditation, music, poetry, self-care practices, and other healing methods. 


We believe all students deserve an unbiased, equal and rounded education, regardless of gender, race, social status or faith.


Allegra | Vice President

Co-founder, Lead Correspondent

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 


Allegra Molkenthin grew up in Darien, CT and graduated from Darien High School in 2015.


She played tennis and ice hockey, played in the wind ensemble, conducted science research through ASR, and was a member of various clubs as well as National Honors Society and Tri-M. Allegra was also involved in community wide engagement in Fairfield County through Girl Scouts and St. Luke’s Parish. In February 2020, Allegra graduated from Middlebury College in VT where she majored in History and minored in Global Health. She now works for the Merieux Foundation USA, a nonprofit in global health.


Allegra is passionate about creating inclusive spaces, inviting people into conversations about racism and white privilege, and reimagining diverse, responsive curriculum for K-12 learners.

Mental Health Resources For All!


Tammy | Lead Designer

Social Media Team

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 


Tammy is a first-generation Vietnamese American and is a current junior at Darien High School. 

Tammy's parents moved here from Vietnam, and she has lived in Darien, CT her whole life. In Darien High School, she is a part of the iGem club and the EcoCitizens club. She joined RAGETIME to diversify the schools curriculum so that she and other BIPOC, as well as all other marginalized people, could feel safe and be represented. She wishes to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment in the school systems. Tammy, alongside Kate, led a vigil for Juneteenth which had an audience of hundreds of people and featured speakers such as community leaders, organizers, teachers, and students. 

Tammy approaches the conversation about racism and discrimination through a creative perspective, by using her skills to design educational, insightful, and thoughtful Instagram posts to provoke change.


Kate | Lead Researcher

Social Media Team

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 


Kate is an activist, writer, and musician from Darien, CT and graduated from Darien High School in 2019.

Her activism work includes co-leading the Darien High School walkout in March 2018, which resulted in a school-wide movement in student involvement. She subsequently co-led a walkout from the high school to the New York City protest in April. She led the Day of Silence for GSA in 2019, which advocated for LGBTQIA+ rights, was a member of the Tri-M Music Honors Society, and was the founder of the Photography Club. Kate was selected for the High School Reimagined Project, which submitted proposals to the state of Connecticut on changing the high school's structure and curriculum. She was a leader in both the Black Lives Matter protest and vigil for Juneteenth in Darien, CT, and is a current board member for the Connecticut American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


 Kate has been a Darien Times contributor since 2018, writing op-eds about homelessness, ethics, grocery store workers' rights, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+, and more. She uses her passion for writing to create a welcoming space for overlooked and underappreciated voices.


Tatianna | Lead Organizer

Events Manager

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 


Tatianna grew up in Darien in a transracial family and graduated from Darien High School in 2016. 

She was a part of the Dance Team, the gymnastics team, the Gay-Straight Alliance, and was the Darien Wave mascot. Tatianna took a post-graduate year where she fell in love with African American history and social justice. She later incorporated Education into her major and is now pursuing Music Education. In the summer of 2020, she began leading protests alongside Kyla and spearheaded the efforts towards ending police brutality against Black men in Stamford, CT. She has also organized events to further her social justice passion. 

Tatianna has a calling for ensuring an inclusive education for all students and uplifting the Black community while centering and prioritizing their mental health.

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